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Habit Body on Tata LPO1924 RESLF chassis:-

Main Features:-
  • Length 12 meter, Width 2.5 meter.
  • Structure made of ST-42 grade steel.
  • Structure conforming to the R66 roll over test requirement (European Standard).
  • Galvanized sheet metals for the laterals.
  • 3 piece front windshield.
  • Pneumatic doors with the safety system.
  • 33 seats and 53 seat variants.
  • Two roof hatches (One in the Front and one in the Rear) for the safety.
  • Individual lighting for the driver compartment.
  • Equipped with air-conditioner and convector heating system for passengers comfort.

* Standard & Optional Features


• The models and the specifications presented here may vary from country to country. Please contact our authorised distributor/ dealer in your country for more information on the available models in your country, technical details, equipment specifications and available colors.

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